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Baroque Inspiration for Solo Double Bass (NEW RELEASE)

I would like to dedicate this recording to Louis Di Leone (master luthier) and his family. I met Lou when I first came to the United States. He was one of a kind and a great friend. Over the years, I learned so much from him. Everybody remembers him for his generosity and kindness. We all miss him dearly. Thank you for everything, Lou!

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David Gompper, composer
This two-movement work is the fourth in a series of compositions based on the Farey sequence, rendered as a visual model known as a Sunburst and made aural through a set of pitch mappings. Just as light from the sun, traveling through the valleys of the moon, seems to dance around the edges during a total solar eclipse, I was interested to position and use the double bass to suggest shadows, auras, glimpses of sound that are suggestive and ambiguous, often whispered and always muted.
David Gompper
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This 4-CD set of the music of Teppo Hauto-aho, recorded by an international collective of bassists from around the world, includes his best-known composition, Kadenza. Here are 38 of the over 400 compositions to Teppo’s credit, performed by Alberto Bocini, who was the organizing force behind this tribute, Dan Styffe, Thierry Barbe, Rob Nairn, Volkan Orhon, Esko Laine, Vassilis Papavassiliou, Diego Zacharies, Guiseppe Ettorre, Jani Pensola, Simón García, Petu Iuga, Barre Phillips, Enrico Fagone, Esra Gul, Ben Groenvelt, David Desimpelaere, Antonio Romero Cienfuegos, David Heyes, who wrote the liner notes, Andrea Pighi, Kiyoe Wellington, Risto Vuolnanne and others.
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